Who is behind Numbers The Write Way?

Hi, I’m Samantha.

And I have a confession. I am an absolute bookaholic.

To say that I love reading is a massive understatement. There is nothing greater to me than getting lost inside a book.

For many years I have been involved in the online book community in one way or another. From blogging to creating a newsletter to building websites for readers to search for books by trope and keywords, I always love helping get the word out about books.

It was through this love that I have connected with a lot of great authors. It was through talking with many different authors that I realised that many authors did not have the tools to effectively track what was working in their business and keep on track with their writing.

So in January 2020 I set myself on a mission to create dashboards that will give authors a snapshot of different areas of their business. Working with a few authors, I developed the word counter dashboards to track the word count for their current WIP. 

My mission was to give authors a beautiful visualisation of their progress, while helping maintain motivation and help effectively plan the time they spend writing.

With my background in running small businesses, I intimately understand how important having information on hand to make decisions is. 

I have big plans to launch a number of new dashboards in 2020, focusing not only on sales but also ROI, advertising and reader engagement. I’d love to help you, so please take a moment to check out the dashboards available.

And I love connecting with authors, so feel free to shoot me an email anytime: hello@numbersthewriteway.com or connect with me on Facebook: http://bit.ly/samanthafb