Set Up Your Book Rank Dashboard

To get started using your book rank dashboard, you will need to link it to your book on Amazon, give permission to the spreadsheet to link to this external source and automate checking Amazon for your latest rank.

It is always recommended that you make a copy of the original spreadsheet and rename it with the book you are tracking. This makes it easier to use the dashboard over and over again for all your books. 

You can either view the full video instructions, or follow the steps below.


Step by Step Instructions

Setting up the scheduler
Open a new tab and go to: https://script.google.com

On the screen, you should see the last Rank Dashboard you setup on top of the list.

Click on the 3 dots on the right side

Click on the menu option, Triggers

On the new screen, click Add Trigger

On the popup, choose the following:
Dropdown 1 = saveData
Dropdown 2 = Head
Dropdown 3 = Time-driven
Dropdown 4 = Hour timer or daily
Dropdown 5 = select time of day or how often in hours

Click the Save button

Close the tab

Watch video

Your dashboard will automatically save your rank information as per your schedule.

You no longer need to manually run this process. The latest date will automatically be presented on the screen.

You can see the full history on the History tab

If you require any more assistance in setting up your rank dashboard, or are interested in finding out how we can setup for you – email us by clicking here.

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