Book Rank Dashboard



Discover how you can monitor your book’s rank without ever visiting Amazon.

Perfect for authors who use their rank to monitor their launch, or to see if their advertising and promotions are working successfully.

Simple set and forget scheduling. The dashboard checks your rank, even when you are in the cave writing or sleeping.

Your dashboard monitors:

  • Current rank
  • How many positions your book has moved since last rank check
  • Current number of ratings and your average
  • Best rank recorded – separately recorded when your book is free
  • Average rank this month, this year, and entire time you’ve been recording
  • Trend of your last 20 ranks
  • Last 100 ranks

In addition to the dashboard, there is also a tab that saves ALL your historical ranks – including the rank in your top 3 categories.

See the dashboard in action: Watch our 30 second video

Please note: this dashboard is only available in Google Sheets. This template is licensed for private use only (not for distribution or resale).

Questions? Email sales@numbersthewriteway.com

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Important: All sales are final and are non refundable unless there is an issue with the direct functionality.